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You are enjoying the new phase in the life with your little bundle joy! Gone are the days where you had sleepless nights, depression, etc due to newborn tantrums. When your baby enters into 4th month, both you and the baby have fallen into a schedule. You would have regained the health post pregnancy, look and feel better and your baby also learned to be a part of the world! Congratulations! And yes, now you have mastered the mothering lark, no more a novice! Every day will be more energetic and enthusiastic for you as you will notice something new almost every day when your baby enters into 4th month.

Witnessing the baby development in 4th month will be more exciting! Yet, don’t miss to watch the baby development and growth. What to look for in baby development 4th month?

What your baby generally does in the 4th month?

Now the baby in its 4th month develops clear understanding about the surroundings. Showing keen interest in exploring and reaching everything is a crucial aspect of baby development in 4th month. So, encourage the baby by providing various objects like toys, rattles, etc to shake and let the baby enjoy the sounds.

Developed senses:

Would you not get disturbed by a sudden noise or a change in the surrounding? Now, your baby too! Yes, she is all grown up now. When you feed your baby or put into sleep, even a slight distraction say voices, mobile ringing sounds, switching on the lamps, etc grab the baby’s attention! So you will feel it difficult to feed as well as put the baby into sleep! Of course, it all indicates that the senses of the baby are becoming sharper.

In addition, the vision gets improved as the baby in its 4th easily distinguishes the various colors and shades of a color!  For instance, if you show the baby various shades of green or blue, probably, the baby will look into the darkest shade!

The baby wants to get occupied with something always. It will get bored very easily, so make sure that you always entertain your baby with toys, music, and of course you can talk to your little one and enjoy the response!

It will just grab anything that is placed nearby!

More Strength and Growth:

Almost 90 percent of babies in the 4th month start crawling over to catch the objects. Be happy that not just baby learned to move, but also many little ones learned to roll out from their back to tummy and vice versa. The head gains control and any one easily hold the child without fear! Stronger muscles, developing nerves and bones make the baby move by kicking at something or push their feet!

Weight of the baby in the 4th month:

Baby weight is an important aspect to consider in the baby development in its 4th month. Since the baby learned to have an organized feeding schedule and sleep for long hours, it should result in weight gain. Of course, now your baby is no more a new born and almost you will be celebrating the 100th day!

Now your baby in her or his 4th month should weigh almost double the birth weight. Of course, it doesn’t matter if your baby weighs a couple of pounds more or less. Ideal weight is crucial, but there are few exceptions.

Body weight is not proportionate to how the baby looks. Your baby may look a bit slim or lean, yet have gained sufficient weight in the 4th month. Similarly, fatty baby may weigh a bit lower than ideal one. Your physician is the right person to guide you on the same. If your child eats well, i.e drink well, then don’t worry about the weight.

Here is happy news for you. Now your baby may almost sleep for more than 7 hours at night! So, say good bye to the sleepless nights!

Baby development in 4th month milestones:

  • Grabbing the nearby objects
  • Crawling all over, trying to turn upside down and vice versa
  • Improved senses, especially easily get distracted
  • Better quality of sleep for long hours in a single stretch
  • Weight gain

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