More fun, more excitement and more anxiety!

The baby in its 9th month will have a lot of fun and extreme happiness in exploring her play world. Playtime is the ultimate happiness of your little one and he or she will love to experiment with toys, the phase where the little one will learn to play. Of course, there is yet another important development to watch out in the 9th month. Your little one will learn to say ‘No!’ to everything he or she is not interested, from foods to toys!

The little one will also enjoy taking bath as bathing becomes a fun time and fun activity for the babies. Babies are now attracted to water.

What to look for in the baby development in ninth month? Let us see.

Cruising with support and walking with support:

If your baby missed the milestone of cruising in the previous month, don’t worry. Your baby should start cruising with support. The baby in the 9th movie will cruise around holding on to furniture.

Many babies who started cruising in the 8th month now will try to take the first steps in walking, with support. Hold the little one’s hands and encourage her to walk and yes the little one will make a few steps with your support. Besides, the baby in the 9th month will take wall support and try to walk. Trying to standing and falling becomes the favorite and enjoyable activity for your baby.

Don’t wear any shoes to your baby and allow the little on try to explore the home, the kids’ own world with barefoot! It imparts balance, strengthens the muscles and helps the little one learn about the different textures of the floor.

Besides all these, be watchful on your little one as the baby will now try to climb the stairs up and down easily.

The motoring skills reach the perfection and the baby in the 9th month will learn to sit, crawl, cruise, stand with support, etc with ease.

Developed senses and understanding:

While the baby in the 8th month has a developed sense of understanding, it will improve now in the 9th month. The words heard by the little on from the birth (yes, the little one that preserved everything heard in the memory will now recollect it and understand the real meaning) will now create a magic. For instance, if someone calls you by your name, the little one understands that it is you! Similarly, the baby in the 9th month could respond to the songs and favorite music heard during your pregnancy or even after the birth of the baby. You can communicate everything, like, let’s take bath, we are going out, shall we play, it’s the sleep time, etc to your baby and the little one understands it well.

Besides, the senses of the baby are so developed that the baby could understand the tone of your voice. It can differentiate whether you are angry or sad or happy with your voice tone!

Brain Development:

It is the crucial time, from 8 to 12 months, to improve the brain power. Babies learn everything in the first 3 – 5 years and reflect the same throughout their life span. You have the responsibility to boost the brain power of your baby. Provide a stimulating environment with lots of learning toys, music, interactions, etc which helps the baby learn.

Since the motor skills reach the perfection, give enough space for your baby to crawl and cruise.

When it comes to communication, the baby will now say a few words, mama, bye, etc with ease. The babbling goes non-stop especially when playing with toys.

How do I know that my baby is growing normally?

Hope you did not miss any vaccination schedule. While the above mentioned milestones are common, each baby develops at its own phase.

Babies born before 37 weeks, i.e premature babies need a few more weeks or even a couple of months to achieve these milestone developments.

In case of premature babies, don’t watch the baby milestone developments based on the birth date, rather talk with your doctor and identify the chronological age.

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