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Your baby is on its half way to reach one year!

Your baby in 6 months! Watch out for all those movements and developments with an eagle eye approach, as it is one of the important months in baby development and growth. Your baby will start teething, try to sit by its own, roll over effortlessly, start crawling on knees, it’s time to start with solid foods and much more! The six month growth development in your baby impacts the further developments to a great extent. So, are you ready to know the baby development in its 6th month?

Pretty fast five months, vanished away in a few seconds! The little one in 6th month almost learned to live in the world with no grievances. (Of course, as the little one grow up, you cannot expect this!)

Developed senses and motor skills

The little one is all grown up now. The baby should weigh at least the double the weight at birth.  The baby can now understand and distinguish the voices, recognize and respond to the names, understand the meaning of the words and act accordingly, etc. The baby learns to move fingers, hold and release arms, grasp and grab things quickly, hold things for a long time.

The vision of the baby is improved so much that the baby can see a small piece of paper or a cereal dropped in the floor. As said above, the babies will try to move around quickly on their stomach and even on knees.

While the babies can sit for a considerable amount of time with support, they will try to sit by themselves.

Do remember to childproof your home as your baby put everything in its mouth.

First Babbles:

With developed senses and motor skills, the babies now really start babbling. ‘Maa’, ‘daa’, ‘baa’, gaa’ etc are the common sounds. It is the right time to communicate a lot with the baby.

Food and Sleep:

Its indeed a great time to introduce the solid foods to your baby. Otherwise, you can wait for a month too to let your baby eat the solid foods. Alternatively, you can start with feeding semi-solid foods like pureed vegetables, porridge, etc along with breast milk.

Now, your baby in the 6th month will have a sound and uninterrupted sleep for a minimum of 7 hours at night. Thankfully, you are now completely relieved from those frequent mid night wakeups. Remember that the sleeping pattern changes. The baby will sleep no more than 5 hours a day, split into two times during day and a sleep for around 8 to 10 hours at night.

An experimentation and learning phase:

Sixth month is literally an experimentation phase for your baby. The little one want to be perfect in all aspects. It will start learning things by repeating the actions, especially tries to take control in everything he or she does.

  • Keenly watch the moving objects like toys, car driving, etc.
  • Drops something continuously
  • Try to sit up on its own
  • Crawl over your home on stomach
  • Roll over and repeat the action – Something very much enjoyable by the little ones
  • Laughs for certain actions or sounds – For instance, clapping
  • Literally tries to taste everything – whatever the little one grab, put everything in its mouth

Watch out if your baby is teething. Your little one may always need the teething ring to ease out the discomfort and pain. Many babies tend to suffer from diarrhea when they start teething. Start feeding solid foods when the baby is teething!

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