Two Month Old Baby

You have spent almost a month, exciting 30 days with your newborn! Definitely it is an amazing experience, living with your little bundle of joy. You would have experienced a vast difference in your life, something very exotic, thrilling, restlessness, ecstasy and of course, there may be a bit overwhelming!

Your newborn learned to giggle at you, try to hold things and your fingers with the tiny hand, stare at vibrant objects and colors, move the head sideways, and listen to the sounds, etc in the first 30 days. These are the milestones in the first month of baby development. What to expect in the 2nd month of baby development? Let’s see!

A note to moms about baby development in 2nd month!

Baby development in the second month is totally different from the newborn phase. This is the phase where you can try to grasp and sense the personality of your newborn! The babies from the 6th week try to indicate their likes and dislikes to their moms! There are only a very few things that trigger crying!  So, it is an easier task for the new mommies to identify what your babies dislike!


The new born almost adjusted itself to the wild and weird (external environment is always weird for a newborn as the little one has spent almost 10 months in the comforting womb of the mother) environment!

There will be a dramatic improvement in the communication. During the second month in baby development, your baby will almost try to express and communicate everything.

How does a baby communicate?

The baby communicates through a smile, giggles, grunts, sweet noises, and of course by crying. In fact communication depicts the reflex!

When do they communicate?

  • When they are hungry, they cry out their hunger and rush the moms to feed them.
  • When they are bored, they want the mother to entertain them
  • When they are sleepy!
  • Whey the wet the diapers,
  • When the baby is left alone for quite sometime
  • When they wake up from the sleep
  • When they are not comfortable to light, noise, etc.
  • When they are happy to see the mother
  • When they love seeing an object, say a toy!

Developed Senses

So, you are aware that your baby is already staring at the objects that are colorful and listen to the sounds and react as well. Now, the senses of the baby improve well. The baby will see and try to recognize the faces! In addition to recognizing the touch of the mother, the babies will be happy to see the face of the mother. 2 months old babies tend to cry by seeing a stranger’s face and even touch! So it means that the senses are developed!

Besides, it will also identify and recognize the voice, especially develop the sense of differentiating the voice of mother with other people.

Changes in the sleep patterns

Unlike the new ones that sleep for more than 18 hours a day, the 2 month old will sleep no more than 15 hours a day! The sleep pattern begins to change from the second month. However, just like a toddler or an adult, the 2 months old baby never sleep 8 hours a night continuously! Especially, if the babies are breastfed, they tend to wake-up almost once every 3 – 4 hours.

Basic reasons your 2 month old baby cry:

Until the newborn phase, where the little one cries for no reason, the 2 months old ones cries only for a few things.

  • When they are hungry
  • When they are sleepy
  • When they feel disturbed or disturbed suddenly. For instance, by the environment, wet nappies, sudden jerk, unexpected movement or the noise

If you find your baby crying for no reasons or very often, consult with your doctor to identify the reason.

Baby development 2nd month milestones:

  • Developed senses and reflexes
  • Smile and make sweet noises when they see you or when they hear your voice
  • Recognize and differentiate the faces and touch
  • Reduced sleep
  • Weight gain

Try to communicate everything they experience

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