Witness a lot of big changes in your baby when your little one on step into the 10th month!

So, the past few months have been very lovely, joyous and delightful period. Your baby is now stepping into 10th month. Hardly a few weeks to celebrate the first birthday! You will now notice surprisingly big changes in the baby development, growth and activities. Since the little one is growing at a rapid pace, the baby will now seek for independence, start communicating like a pro, develop a sort of unique personality, has developed senses, depict the emotions with ease, and many more!

The baby becomes more playful, more choosy and seeks more fun

The little one is so intelligent that it can show off all the emotions with ease. More commonly, the baby in the tenth month will get angry at you or the other members in the family often if the little one is forced to do something. For instance, feeding more food or feeding something not loved by the baby. Similarly, the baby can understand most of your language and respond accordingly. This is the best phase to understand all the likes and dislikes of your little one. By this time, the baby also develops interest on a few toys; categorize it as its favorite toys, favorite books, and even favorite dress, etc.

Besides, the little one will love to be outside. So, in this stage, it is very hard for the working mommies as the separation anxiety is growing.

Now, for the baby in its tenth month, everything appears to be very funny. The baby literally plays with everything, even with the foods. Feeding is important part of growth. Your baby will now have at least a few teeth. So, feed solid foods and reduce the quantity and frequency of feeding liquid and semi-solid foods. If your little one is too stubborn to avoid foods, make eating something enjoyable, teach the baby how to eat. Give colorful foods in colorful plates. Feed a lot of veggies and fruits to inculcate the healthy eating habit.

However, moms who have created eating and sleeping routines may have lesser worries about this.

Get to know the personality of your baby:

This is the stage where the baby develops its own personality. The little one may be an adventurous kid or a calm kid or a sweet little one or a naughty one. You can identify the personality of the baby during the tenth month. It is an important part of the baby development. Whether or not your baby achieved the previous milestone developments, more or less, you can easily predict the personality of your little one.

Quick bits about baby development in 10th month:

  • Improved motor skills and co-ordination – Move around, crawl, cruise, sit back, and hold on to something very easily.
  • Enjoys playtime and refuse to go to sleep
  • Get sound and quality sleep for 8 hours at night
  • Love to socialize and enjoys being outside, especially with other kids
  • Develop a sense of likes and dislikes

While this phase is nothing more on physical growth and development milestones don’t miss out to understand the desires, likes and dislikes of the baby. However, babies that missed the milestone developments like cruising or walking or standing with support would achieve those missed developments in the tenth month. If your little one could not cruise or walk or even stand with support, please visit a physician immediately.

The baby physical and mental growth and development might vary slightly. Yet, make sure that your baby receives enough nutrition. You can now introduce new foods often to feed the little one a variety of foods and healthy!

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