Planning for pregnancy

Planning in life is important for many aspects. It is even more important if you are trying to conceive! It helps help you deliver a healthy baby.

Having a planned pregnancy makes conceiving an easy affair. Also, the risk of complication becomes less. You can recuperate quickly after your delivery and enjoy a pleasurable postpartum experience. Besides, you can expect a minimum risk of your child’s future adult health problems.

A well-planned pregnancy means less chaos. Lastly, it will definitely be a relief for you to know that you have taken the best possible care from a very early stage. So right from when you first start thinking about having a baby, the planning should ideally begin.

Some of the things to be taken care of before pregnancy include the following:

Preconception Checkup

You should get in touch with your doctor for a preconception checkup. The doctor will prepare a review of the medical history of you and your family.

Also, if you are already under some medications that can be detrimental for your pregnancy, the doctor will then advise you whether it is the right time to conceive or not. You can also go for genetic testing for conditions like Tay-Sachs, sickle cell disease, or cystic fibrosis. Prevention is better than cure. You can easily avoid the risk of genetic conditions that may affect your baby with a preconception check.

Your Habits

You must get rid of your unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. It can cause premature birth, miscarriage, and low-birth-weight for babies. Usage of tobacco can lower on your chances of fertility and also lower the sperm count of your partner.

Consuming alcohol can result in birth defects. Therefore abstaining from these acts is essential for you.


You need to take folic acid supplements. It will reduce the chances of delivering a baby with neural-tube defects like spina bifida apart from other birth problems. Folic acid supplements support the brain development of the babies. A regular intake of a multivitamin is equally helpful. The best thing is to consult your doctor about it.

Nutritious Foods

Whether you try to conceive or not, this is inevitable. Nutritious food intake is a must when you think about getting pregnant.

Consumption of vegetables and fruits will provide you the nutrients, nourishes your body and help you in a healthy pregnancy. You should also take whole grains and foods which are high in calcium like, milk, and yogurt. Not to miss the intake of protein-rich food like soy products, meats, nuts, beans, seeds, and poultry.

Have an Eye on your Weight

You need to check your weight on a regular basis. A high or a low body mass index (BMI) makes it somewhat difficult in getting pregnant. You must consult your doctor to know the best ways to reach the right weight for getting pregnant.

Not to Miss – Your Financial Status

Your financial status is one very important thing to be taken into consideration before getting pregnant. You need to pay medical bills, regularly take medicines, visit a doctor at regular intervals, and so on.

All these involve a good amount of expenditure. Besides, post delivery there will be a lot of things that you need to take care of. Make sure that you are financially sound to give birth to a baby. Hence, as can be seen for a good outcome plan well.

These are just a few, but crucial things that helps you to plan your pregnancy with easy.

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