Am I pregnant?

6 signs about pregnancy that you never knew!

Pregnant Woman

Long before modern science evolved and showed us the workings of our bodies—women right from ancient times—figured out ways to find out if they were pregnant. With simple tests at home using grains and natural substances, they confirmed a pregnancy. By noticing the changes in the body, they prepared for the arrival of the baby. A woman, it is said, can instinctively tell when she is going to be a mother, although she cannot pinpoint the exact reason for feeling so. When the pregnancy test later confirms it and the various signs of pregnancy begin to emerge, she is able to better understand and relate to the changes in her body that made her feel so. Of course, a few others cruise through life without any inkling of their pregnancy only to find out they are 2 or 3 months pregnant later on.

There are times when you may show many signs of pregnancy without actually being pregnant because some of the symptoms are closely associated with general health problems. A sure sign is when the doctor confirms it, but read on to realise the indications of a pregnancy:

Oops..I missed my period

For those whose menstrual cycle works like clockwork, a missed period is a sure sign that something is amiss but for those who have irregular periods, realising that they are pregnant sure takes some checks.


Most women in their early stages of pregnancy complain of immense fatigue. There are instances where you feel totally drained or low and every work seems impossible to tackle. If your period is due or you have just crossed the date, there is a good chance that you are pregnant.


Nausea is a symptom of pregnancy although some women never experience it. This is due to the sudden change in hormonal levels which sometimes leads to vomiting as well. Some, however, suffer from mild to severe nausea or morning sickness that leaves them looking anything but fresh and glowing. So, if you are feeling unnaturally queasy, and you have been sexually active, maybe you are pregnant.

More Cramps and Bleeding

Pregnant women sometimes experience bleeding, vaginal discharge and stomach cramps when they conceive. This is sometimes mistaken for period but in reality it’s because you are pregnant.

What’s with the skin?

There is a change in skin, not necessarily a ‘glow’, in pregnant women. One could aptly describe the face as more happy (when one anticipates the pregnancy) or plain tired when nausea takes over. Skin problems can actually get worse during pregnancy with discoloration of skin, in the face, breasts and in the vaginal area. Conditions like acne increase as well.

Changes in breasts

There will be a sizeable increase in breast size as more layers of fat get deposited and the mammary glands activate showing off the blue veins. The breast may feel tender and sensitive to touch.

Weight gain and frequent urination

With all the extra fat being deposited for a healthy pregnancy, you are bound to put on weight which will gradually increase as the pregnancy progresses. Enlargement of the uterus at this stage also leads to frequent urination or the urge to urinate although it is not pronounced until the second trimester.

So, whether you are just off the pill and trying to conceive or you have had unprotected sex or you are going through a fertility treatment or you have just not thought about the pregnancy word, when you experience the above signs, it’s time to take the test. Good Luck!

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