Connecting with your child

Parent and child

It is a known fact that “Parenting” is an extremely difficult skill to master. The major reason being that, this skill involves a lot of “patience and time”. Now, there exist in this skill a few principles that are not only intriguing but, also necessary to decode and understand in depth. One such interesting fundamental of “Parenting” that needs to be clearly understood is related to the “connectivity that needs to be shared between parents and children”. So, here is presenting a few facts explaining how you as a parent can “Connect” with your kid.

Parent and child

a. Connect to your child by acutely understanding and observing human nature: 

It is a fact that in life all human beings differ from one another in terms of both temperament and       behaviour. It therefore becomes imperative that in order to connect with kids, parents must observe and obtain a clear understanding of the personality and behaviour of the child they are dealing with. So, answers to pertinent questions related to child psychology such as, what does my child like? how does my child react to situations? etc must also be found out. It is therefore only after you manage to understand your child as a human in totality that you will manage to connect in a better way. And so, if you intend to “Connect” deeply with your child, then observing as well possessing an understanding of human nature becomes essential.

b. Connect to your child using some useful social activities: 

“Socializing” is an activity that can be used effectively in order to develop a deep connection with your child. So, activities in which you as well as your child get together to cook dinner/lunch as well as set the table could really help in bonding deeply. Furthermore, you can also take your child to a circus and help him/her understanding the performances that are being put up. In addition, by regularly dropping and picking up your child from school you can form a connection that can last a lifetime. So, if “socializing” is used sensibly then it could prove to be an effective tool to “Connect” with your child.

c. Connect to your child using some sporting activities: 

“Physical activities” can also prove to be an useful tool which can enable you to develop a deep connection with your child. So, by organizing a few outdoor sporting activities such as football with your child on a ground or at beach a genuine bond can easily be established. Furthermore, involving your kid and yourself in an activity that is physically demanding such as “swimming” can also work beautifully in creating a long lasting connection. The use of sporting activities if used well can serve as an ideal tool to “Connect” with your child.

d. Connect to your child using stories related to mythology: 

“Storytelling” is a useful verbal medium that can be used really effectively as an instrument to bond with your child. Especially stories linked to mythology belonging to religions as varied as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism can be narrated to your child. It is the close proximity that develops between you and your child while telling a mythological story that can prove to be extremely useful in striking a everlasting connection. Thus, the use of stories linked to mythology is yet another way in which you can “Connect” with your child.

e. Connect to your child using Western Astrology:

“Zodiac signs personality traits” is an unique astrological tool that can be used to form a connection with your child. Now, according to Western astrology there exist 12 Zodiac signs that possess varied personality characteristics (good and bad) which represent individuals born under them . So, it is by analyzing these personality traits of your child as described under his/her Zodiac sign that you can forge a deep bond. And so, by using Western Astrology in a smart manner, it is very possible to deeply “Connect” with your child.

And so, it is clear that in terms of “Parenting”, it is the efforts you put in to connect with your kids that will eventually determine how they develop as individuals in the future.

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