A few errors that every new parent make and how to avoid?


Top gaffes every new parent make and how to avoid?

Becoming a parent is the new and exciting phase in life yet it is filled with lots of nerve wracking events! Don’t panic. Parenting is an art and not everyone can master this art. Every parent makes mistakes, even if it is the second child and nobody is perfect. When it comes to new parents, you cannot escape from making some mistakes. Here are the common mistakes every new parent makes.

Overreacting for everything

It may be really overwhelming to care of your little bundle of joy! Spitting, vomiting, crying during urination, etc are very normal. Many new parents are overblown by these physical reactions and activities of the baby, especially in the first few weeks. There is nothing to panic.

Mainly, many new parents fail to learn the difference between spit-up and vomiting. Any excess milk spit by the newborn immediately after every feed, is far away from vomiting. Every time you feed your baby, it will spit-up!

Don’t allow the baby to cry out 

You don’t want to see tears in your little one’s eyes right? That’s great! But, if you are a new parent, you are so wrong in this aspect. Crying is the powerful mode of communication, where the baby expresses the needs. Crying out is natural, especially in the initial few weeks.

Planning for a sleeping routine so early

You want your baby to be organized and perfect in everything isn’t it! Give some space and you cannot impose this on your little one.

Newborns sleep a minimum of 16 hours a day for first 4 – 5 weeks. Yet, you cannot expect or plan for a sleeping routine. This is the initial phase where the newborn tries to adjust itself to the big world! It is not possible to plan a sleeping routine or feeding routine for your baby in the early months.

In fact the mother, even a new mom knows by instinct the reason behind why the baby cries!

Listening to too many people!

Everyone becomes a doctor or an expert in baby care when it comes to advising others. From your own parents to the neighbors or even a stranger, you will receive a lot of information, rather advice about how to deal with baby, baby tantrums, etc. Just ignore everything and listen to your baby. Your baby becomes an expert in communicating in a few weeks.

Failure to take of yourself

New moms always think about the little bundle of joy and fail to take on their health. Gaining optimal health post pregnancy and returning back to usual routines is not an easy task. Especially, new moms experience a lot of hassles in their post pregnancy body, especially the weight gaining factor. It is very true that your baby demands and rather steal most of your time, you always need your time. Take care of your health, discuss with your physician, groom yourself, and most importantly get enough sleep.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. It is the best way to get adequate sleep, although there will be interruptions! Adequate sleep is the best medicine for many health problems.

Other common mistakes made by newborn include the following:

  • Ignoring the marital relation or neglecting the partner. It is so true that the baby is the top most priority; you should not ignore your partner.
  • Wrapping up the baby tightly
  • Searching for too much information or following the advice from unreliable sources
  • Assuming that baby is crying only for food!

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