Advantages of going for a normal delivery

Benefits of a normal delivery

We are our choices. The choices we make in every aspect influence our life. It includes the child birth too! So what is the connection? In fact, choice of giving birth to a child is a crucial factor in a woman’s life. It doesn’t mean whether she choose to get a baby or not. It is about how she wants to give birth to a baby, i.e normal delivery or C-section.

Most women prefer to go for a C-section delivery. The pain factor involved in normal delivery appears a nightmare. However, normal delivery has several advantages over a c-section delivery. It has many benefits, both to the mother and the baby. Let’s take a brief outlook on advantages of a normal delivery.

Get back to normal life quickly

A normal delivery allows the mother to get back to her normal life in a few days after delivering the baby. If a mother is able to deliver a baby normally without many complications, the mothers feel much better both emotionally and physically.  

Baby completes full term

Babies born without completion of the full term are prone to many health complications in the early stage. There are risks that they do not form the fuller organs. A normal delivery rules out these risks.

In a normal delivery, your baby is born only after completion of the full-term. The pain aka labor begins, when the body makes room for dilation and contraction. The body pushes down the baby through the birth canal. Once labor pain sets in, it is a sign that your baby is just a few more minutes away from entering this world.

Lower risk of respiratory problem

There is a much lower risk of respiratory problem in a baby born through normal delivery. As the baby travels through the birth canal, the pressure allows discharge of the amniotic fluid in the lungs of the baby. This cleans out any blockage in the baby’s nose and lungs without any medical intervention.

Quick delivery, short stay, and swift recovery

If you choose to go for natural childbirth, then you can expect a quick recovery and thereby a short stay in the hospital. You might need to stay for a day or two and then you can get back to your home happily.

Most women acquire the strength to stand on their feet and walk around within a few hours of the normal delivery.

Save money

The cost of c-section is huge when compared to a normal delivery. Eventually, the number of days you stay in the hospital proportionately increases the medical expenses. A short stay in the hospital also means saving some money. For c-section delivery, a mother needs to stay for a longer time, which translates into more medical expenses.

Carry your baby home with utmost comfort

The baby will also feel more comfortable once taken home. It will also be a much safer and secure environment as there will be plenty of people around to take care of the baby.

Low stress

A normal delivery involves a much reduced stress level for the mother. Expect the part of labor pain, before and after delivery, you can feel pretty good, quickly. Also, there is no risk of uterine scar for future deliveries, which occurs as a result of c-section delivery.

Low risk of complications and high survival rate

Complications can occur in C-section as well as normal delivery. However, the mortality risk is lower for mothers delivering their babies through normal procedure as compared to c-section deliveries. Since normal deliveries involve less medical intervention, the rate of survival is higher.

Imparts a positive sensation

A natural childbirth also helps create a sense of achievement in the mother resulting in a positive self esteem. This positive self-esteem then creates a positive effect on various aspects of the post-natal life. Additionally, a woman who has been able to sustain physical challenge during childbirth might also experience a feeling of exhilaration.

For those who undergo high-risk pregnancies, they should immediately consult their doctors. However, it must also be noted that usually pregnancy complications are experienced in a C-section delivery and not a normal one. So it is essential for a would-be mother to be up-to-date with her knowledge pertaining pregnancy issues so as to make it a more relaxed and joyous experience.

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