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How do you inculcate values in your baby?

Mother and child
The mother an child relationship

One of the most concerning areas in child development is inculcating values in baby. It is a crucial part of child development.  Errant behavior in babies as well as toddlers is generally tolerable at a certain extent. There are many instances where parents wonder, ‘why my baby is not understanding how to behave?’ Or ‘when my baby is going to behave well with others?’

Needless to say that inculcating values in a baby make the baby well-mannered and disciplined. As a loving mother or a beloved parent, you may buy expensive clothes, toys, books, and provide feed your baby all pleasures of life! Yet, if you fail to teach or make your baby learn the values, you are accountable for the child’s dark future. The innocent baby may very soon turn as undisciplined one with rude behavior, which will make him or her spoiled brat.

However, no parent wants their baby to become an untamed kid! Parents yearn to learn and explore the different ways through which they can make the babies understand the importance of behavior and discipline. However, many parents could not figure out how to inculcate right values in baby. Obviously it is a challenging task, especially when it comes to babies with outrageous nature.

How to inculcate values in baby?

Start Early

Babies tend to learn and remember everything until the 5 years of age. Whatever they become in the future, it is the reflection of the 5 years child development and growth. The brain grows at its peak to grasp anything they see and everything they are exposed to! Babies are like a raw mud until 5 years and you can mold them as you wish! They carry an open mind to learn. The younger is the baby, better to start inculcating the moral values in children. Until they explore the world, for every baby, parent, especially mother is the world.

Erase off the statement ‘oh my baby is too young to understand!’ from your mind! Although there may be a few exceptions, most of the babies have a good grasp of understanding almost everything. It is completely influenced by the parents, the ambience, quality time spent on creative aspects, etc. Simply, the way they brought up!

So, make your baby understand about the importance of behavior, honesty, manners, morals, etc. even before they start walking!

Praise your baby

No child knows how to behave badly! In fact, in many occasions your baby tends to display the manners and good behavior. For instance, saying thank you, saying sorry, etc. It is obvious to rebuke someone for their mistake. Similarly, you should praise the baby for the good acts! The babies need attention and appreciation. Make your baby feel special every time she does something good. Instant acknowledgements with positive statements make the baby realize about the importance of behavior! Especially, if you praise your baby amidst a huge crowd, it will spice up the positive behavior. Praising the baby helps the babies realize that good behavior is an integral part of the character!

Similarly, don’t show up your anger or rage when the child behaves wildly. Comforting and caring words are a better option to bring in the values!

Pose yourself as an example

If you want your baby to grow up as a well-mannered and disciplined child, you should be an example for your kid. You don’t want your kids to tell lies right? But many parents induce the child to lie! For instance, ‘Say to uncle that your dad is not at home!’ The children learn everything quickly and this scenario automatically gets registered in her mind, ‘So I can lie to mom for my convenience.’ Almost 90 percent of babies mimic their parents. So, if you want to inculcate values in your babies, set examples and pose yourself as a great example!

No Lectures or So called ‘advicing’

No one is ready to hear your words, including your baby if you offer a lecture kind of advice and teach about the morals, values, discipline, etc. Make everything interactive. If you say, ‘Stop Crying’, ‘Don’t Lie’, ‘Don’t do this or do that’, ‘is the way you behave’, etc, nothing will work for you.

Remember that no child refuses to hear interesting stories. Tell them stories and let the imagination go wild to impart the importance of values and manners in life.

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