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Scalp care for your baby – All About your Newborn’s Head

Caring for a new born baby isn’t an easy thing in the world! Paying attention to detail actually begins the ultimate baby care, from top to toe. If you think that skin is the most delicate part of your little bundle of joy, then you are wrong. The scalp of the baby is as soft as your baby’s skin! In fact, scalp is also a part of the skin. How to take care of the soft scalp of babies?

Baby scalp care is very crucial to prevent infections and injuries. Whether you feed your baby, bath, put to sleep, ultimate care should be taken to ensure that the baby’s scalp is not affected! You need to learn a lot about the baby scalp care!

Let us take a look at the basics on baby scalp care.

Washing the scalp

Washing the scalp with lukewarm water and mild shampoo is crucial for healthy scalp. Lack or non-existence of hair in the baby’s scalp doesn’t mean you need not clean the scalp. Whether or not your baby has thick and bushy hair, you should make sure that the scalp and hair is clean! Bald or bushy, long or short, dense or light, clean the hair and scalp!

Bushy hair undoubtedly makes your baby much beautiful. But make sure that it doesn’t affect the baby. Generally babies with excessive hair tend to sweat a lot, which invites fungal and bacterial infection. It is essential to keep a check whether the baby gets adequate air.

There is a common misconception that shaving the head aids in faster hair growth. While there is no scientific evidence, shaving the head actually keep the scalp clean.

Be gentle when you approach

Run your fingertips gently on the scalp to improve the blood circulation. Also, make sure that you untie the knots of the hair very gently. Just because the scalp of the babies is so delicate, even a simple harsh movement could abruptly harm the baby’s scalp.  Dry the scalp with the soft absorbent towel to avoid getting rashes.

Check on the Baby essentials

The newborns are prone to bacterial and fungal infections due to lack of hygiene and cleanliness. Hygiene is not just about washing the scalp, but also about baby supplies. Do not use the same clothes, bedding sets or towels to wrap your baby. Wash the baby supplies with mild and exclusive baby detergents. Change the baby clothes, bedding sets very often; say once in two or three days to keep the infections at bay.

Dry scalp – how to care for the baby’s scalp

The newborn has spent so many days and weeks in the soothing and warm womb of the mother. So, it takes several weeks to a few months for the baby to adjust itself to the room temperature! So, the babies tend to lose the warmth very soon, which makes the skin and scalp dry!

Dry scalp is the common skin condition that mothers worry a lot!  As the baby tends to shed the skin, the baby’s scalp also shed the external layer of its skin. Rubbing the baby’s scalp very gently using a mild sponge after bathing helps removal of dead cells from the scalp and keeps the scalp free from infections.



Cradle Cap – how to treat it?

This is one of the most common skin condition seen in many infants. Cradle cap is characterized by thick, patchy, scaly or flaky scalp. It is neither a serious nor an itchy condition to worry about! While it looks so irritating and bad for your baby, it heals itself. The thickness of the scalp and the flaky condition can be treated easily by washing the scalp daily with a mild shampoo.

Apply the mild baby shampoo and very gently rub the shampoo in the thickest and scaly crust of the baby. Besides, massaging the scalp of the baby with mineral oil or with baby oil induces the blood circulation and loosens the flakes of the scalp, which will disappear gradually.

However, you should consult with a physician if the notice inflamed scalp.

Dos and Don’ts on Baby Scalp Care:

  • Do always use the mild baby shampoos and supplies for the babies.
  • Remember to cover your baby’s scalp with soft cloth or a cap when you take the baby out.
  • Use baby oil to massage the scalp before washing
  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals or any other products other than baby supplies
  • Rashes, flakes, scaly head are very common in almost all newborns. Don’t use any lotions or creams in any attempt to treat you.
  • While it is not necessary to use a comb, if you want to use a comb, go for the soft bristled baby combs or even baby brushes.
  • Don’t oil the baby’s scalp every day. Applying baby hair oil daily doesn’t promote hair growth, rather it clogs the pores.
  • Never ever hesitate to consult your physician.

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