Three month baby
Three month baby

Babies grow almost every day until they attain 2 years of age. It is essential to monitor the growth of baby every week and every month. So, what to expect in 3rd months old baby?

Well, your baby is no longer a newborn. You can be a bit relieved from the hassles of monitoring and managing the baby tantrums. In the 3rd month, the baby grows quickly and become more conscious about everything! Moreover, the baby will get into a schedule and organize itself to the daily routines!

Since the baby’s sleeping hours is reduced, you can notice the development and progressions! In the 3rd month, your babies vision get more sharper, makes more noise, turns the head, react and response actively, turn the head sideways, and start to babble something often.

Motor Skills:

Already your baby has been trying to hold your fingers and grasp the colorful objects placed near the baby! So, during the 3rd month, there will be a dramatic improvement in the hand and eye coordination. Effortlessly, your baby will grab an attractive object, say a toy, and yet take it directly to the mouth! Similarly, if the baby finds nothing to hold in the tiny hands, you will notice that the babies keep on opening and closing their hands.

Besides, the overall physical strength seems to improve in the 3rd month. Probably, this is the stage for many babies where there will be no wobbling when you hold the baby! The improved strength and stamina allow the baby to support their head with arms. Also, they get adequate strength to kick out something, stretch out their legs and even try to move around!

Sleep and Food:

Since the nervous system of the baby in the 3rd month is matured, your baby will now sleep for a long hours in a single stretch. This development phase allow the baby to drink more milk and fuller stomach let them sleep for a minimum of 5 hours continuously! So, moms who are a little bit frustrated with lack of sleep or disturbed sleep during the nights, now can get adequate and even good night’s sleep.

Still, some babies may cry in the night, but only for a couple of reasons. Number one, the stomach is empty and numbers two, the baby wet the bed! So, try to feed the baby and / or  change the diapers without switching on the lights, so the sleep is not disturbed.

During the day time, the baby in the 3rd month takes little naps which lasts from 2 hours to a maximum of 4 hours. Reduced sleep in the day gives a deep and good night’s sleep in the night, for both mommies and babies.

Vision, sound and senses

Already your baby in its second month has developed vision, responds to sounds and learned to differentiate by the voice and touch! Now, these senses develop and improve well. Even if you talk at a distance, your baby will give a smile and call you!

Interestingly, when you look at the baby, it will stare at you inherently. Besides, bright and contrast color objects attracts the attention of the baby. You can effortlessly keep your baby engaged in the 3rd month with colorful and musical toys.

Toys attract the babies more and when you play a moving toy, say a train, the baby tries to follow the movement of the toys and make an attempt to follow it.


Your babie in its 3rd month will no longer use crying as the ultimate mode of communication. The little one has now learned to communicate by making various sounds. So, be assured that your baby in its 3rd month will not cry more than a maximum of 2hours a day. If you find something wrong, then take your baby to a physician immediately.

Well, you will take your baby to get vaccinated. So, the little one may catch fever or cold, which is not something to worry about.

Be assured that irregular sleep patterns, feeding time, etc will be regularized at the end of the third month.

Baby development in 3rd month – Milestones:

  • Try to communicate through making various noises
  • Improved sleep with longer hours in a single stretch
  • Try to reach or follow the moving objects
  • No more wobbles in the head
  • Gains strength to move and kick with legs
  • Love to watch various faces

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