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Whenever you change the baby nappies, you would have noticed blotchy red skin in the nappy area! How to control baby nappy rashes?


Your infant may cry for many reasons. In fact, crying is an indicator and powerful mode of communication that your baby wants something to convey to you. Many moms identify and fulfill the need of their babies immediately by understanding how the baby cries! Baby generally cries for two major reasons, number one – when they are hungry and when they wet the bed. While the former doesn’t affect the baby, later result with baby nappy rashes.

Diaper rash, also called as baby nappy rashes are one of the most intimidating and irritating condition affecting almost all infants.

Baby nappy rashes are generally caused by prolonged contact with urine and feces. You will have to change the nappies several times a day and it is almost unavoidable to prevent your baby from getting diaper rash, as even if you delay a few minutes to change the diaper, the dampness irritates the skin and infect the baby!

How to prevent or control diaper rashes is a million dollar question that every mom would love to explore! Following are the few steps to control the baby nappy rashes and save your child from the irritating rashes.

Change the baby nappies often:

This is one of the easiest ways to control and even prevent the baby nappy rashes. There is a misconception that the baby nappies could withstand the dampness for several hours. Unfortunately, not many moms check the diapers for wetness. Whenever your baby wets the diaper, it should be changed! You cannot use the diapers for a long time. Utmost care should be taken during the night time, where you have to check and change the nappies very often!

You don’t wear something dirty right? Then should you not care for your baby in the same way! Check whether the diapers are soiled at least for every two hours.

Clean the nappy area:

Changing the nappies often isn’t sufficient to control the baby nappy rashes. You should keep the nappy area clean to avoid getting infections. Use soft cotton cloth and warm water to clean the baby’s bottom every time you change the nappies. Alternatively, you can use the soft and gentle baby wipes. If you are using baby wipes, choose the fragrance free wipes! Make sure that the nappy area is dry as bacteria multiples on the damp skin!

Choose the right size of nappies:

Sometimes baby nappy rashes are also caused due to wrong size of diapers. Don’t go for the nappies that are too wobbly as it might leak. Similarly, don’t put anything that is too tight on your baby, it will obstruct the air flow!

Make your baby go diaper free:

It is not healthy to wear baby nappies round the clock. The best way to control the diaper rash is make your baby go diaper free! Let your infant stay naked for some time, this will dry the diaper area and let the fresh air flow!


Apply some petroleum jelly or nappy rash creams:

Sometimes, the rashes become uncontrollable due to use of talcum powder or other baby lotions. Above mentioned resorts will control baby nappy rashes in most cases. Yet, there are few exceptions, where you will have to apply the nappy rash creams or petroleum jelly to treat the bacterial infection.  

As a beloved mom, you don’t want your baby to suffer with discomfort! Follow these measures to keep your baby free from diaper rash.

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