5 month baby

Baby development in 5th month is all about transition and this phase is called the transition phase! What to expect in the baby development in 5th month? Let us see.


When your baby enters into 5th month, your baby is more likely to get into a new phase of growth, especially when it comes to movement. 4th and 5th month are crucial part of baby development during this stage babies try to crawl. Even if there is any delay in crawling around in 4th month, your baby should start crawl around in the 5th month!

Since the baby’s head is fully under control, you can make your baby sit. The body gets stronger everyday and the baby will love to take a new position, sitting.


Almost 90 percent of babies sleep all through night without any midnight or early morning wake-ups! Yet there are few exceptional babies who may wake up in the mid. Of course, the baby may have disturbed sleep due to appetite and wet nappy!

To make your baby get a sound sleep for at least 7 hours, ensure that the atmosphere is comforting with no noise and light disturbances. Since the sensory organs are getting too sharp, the sleep may get disturbed even if there is minute change in the rhythmic night atmosphere.

During the day, your baby may sleep a maximum of 6 hours, split into two! Generally, babies will sleep after bath and in the noon. Of course, these will be short naps, which lasts no longer than 3 hours.


Babies tend to have developed senses in the 4th month onwards and it will get sharper in the 5th month. Since the baby move around, the vision is improved and the baby can see even the distant objects and try to catch by crawling towards the object! Similarly, the baby in the 5th month can recognize and remember the dress worn by the mom and try to reach to her, similarly, when the baby hear the voice from distance. Even if you talk to a neighbor or talk over phone from a distant place the sharp hearing induce the child to reach you.


Although it is recommended by the physicians not to feed the baby any solid food until completion of 6 months, many moms try to feed solid food during the 5th month. While there is no harm in your decision to feed solid food, consult with your doctor.


You can now try to talk to your baby and get response through different sounds. In this transition phase, the babies try to utter simple words and sounds like ‘ma’ ‘pa’ ‘tha’ ‘ba’ etc. Listen back to what they say, encourage the babies and you will be rewarded with a treasured smile accompanied with words!

Very less crying! Moms be happy that babies will not cry for everything!

Your baby in the 5th month will develop emotional attachment to other things, other than the mom! Especially, the baby gets attached to the toys and colorful objects. For instance, soft toys or a colorful train toy or a ball! If your baby cries, she or he may cry for that particular object!


Something that everyone should not miss the precious first laugh of your baby!  Doing something silly, like sneezing, even coughing, clapping or any funny activity (even without your knowledge) bring out the chuckles from your baby!

Baby development in 5th month – Milestones:

  • Crawling around effortlessly
  • Rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy with ease
  • Improved senses
  • Long good night sleep
  • Reduced crying
  • Start playing with toys
  • Try to reach people, objects and the voices they hear

What to do if your child misses the important milestones of baby development in 5th month?

While these are the important milestones in the baby development in the 5th month, there are always few exceptions. Not all the babies are same and the growth and development rate too! You can always wait for a couple more weeks to discover the progression and development in the activities. If you find something suspicious about listening or hearing capacity, lack of mobility, rush immediately to discuss with your physician. While a majority of babies that had a delayed development picks up a bit late, the development delays could be the sign for genetic disorder or any inherited condition. Sometimes, lack of nutrition also causes developmental delays in children. So it makes no harm to discuss your concerns with your physician.

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