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Physical, social, mental, emotional and language developments!

Twelfth month is the last month of your little one’s first year baby development. When you look back the past few months, you would be surprised to the core about the little one’s development. Your tiny tot will be soon reaching one year and you would be planning a lavish birthday party! Congratulations! Yet, don’t miss out to check the development in the 12 month of your baby.

Walking and cruising

Since the motor skills reached the perfection in the 11th month (a few babies may delay due to lack of nutrition or simply because they are premature babies) your baby will now hardly try to walk a few steps without any support. Walking a couple of steps and then falling down becomes a favorite pastime of your baby. If your child misses this development, don’t worry. However, a few little ones would still prefer crawling over walking because of the easiness and comfort.

Most of the babies would walk by themselves soon after celebrating their first birthday. However, make sure that your little on takes a few steps with your support or holding on to furniture.

Physical development and changes in activities:

The baby development in the 12th month relates a lot to the stronger body. The baby should weigh at least 8 kgs now, before reaching the first birthday. The strength and

Knocking everything, trying to make different sounds, say with pots and pans, spoons and cups, etc throwing off things and picking it etc becomes more fulfilled activity for your baby.

Emotional and Mental Developments:

Separation anxiety reaches the peak at the 12th month. The tiny tot needs the attention of the mom round the clock. Engage your baby in a number of ways to ease out the separation anxiety.

If you allow the little one to play on their own with whatever things they like, even with pots and pans, just allow it.

The baby’s memory powers are increasing and the little one from the 12th month could be able to remember things and relate it with the past.

They can understand the stories and remember the stories well. For instance, if you have told a story about a dog a few days or weeks back, when you start telling the same story or something about the dog, the little one would react in token of remembrance. How sweet isn’t it?

Whether it is a boy or a girl, they will show interest in choosing their dresses or wearing their favorite dresses.


Your child encourages two way communications and tries to talk to you. If you don’t respond or react to something asked by your little one, then you are fired!!  J

The little one becomes more active during the day and you may feel it a bit odd to put your tiny tot to sleep. However, many babies in the 12th month will be able to express their needs. If they want to sleep, they will reach the bed or pull out their pillow or a blanket or a teddy bear if they used to sleep with a doll. Similarly, they would reach the kitchen and pick their plates or cups and ask for food or milk, if they are hungry.

Babies would say a few words and try to talk two or three words together.

The only thing that worries you is feeding. Most of the babies refuse to eat food, rather eat a less amount of food. It continues for a few months!! Sometimes, your little one wan to eat on its own and just allow it.

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