11th Month – The perfection and adventurous Phase!

Your little one is all grown up now and you will be surprised about the activities of your tiny tot. The cute and little bundle of joy now becomes more and more adventurous. Whether your baby is a naughty and extrovert one or a calm and composed one, your baby will venture into a new world, make a lot of experiment and adventurous things. The baby will learn things very quickly and replicate the actions or activities of mom and dad.

Motor Skills:

While your baby has learned to cruise around and take a few steps with support, it can now do it effortless and perfectly with support. Many little ones in their 11th month would try to take a few steps without any support. The babies in the eleventh month will show more interest in walking alone, love to climb stairs and show them more independent. Motor skills reach the perfection, except the walking by this stage. They will move or push the chairs and tables, pull the cabinets, cupboard drawers, open and close the doors, experiment everything from comb to cosmetics that are reachable.

While the baby has developed a passion for playing, the hand and eye co-ordination also gains the perfection. The baby will now be able to arrange the toys of various shapes and sizes together. For instance, building blocks.

Eating – The 11 month old baby becomes a picky eater:

Your tiny tot is now used to variety of foods and becomes a picky eater.

By this stage, your 11 month old baby would try to eat with fingers and spoons. Help your baby learn how to eat. However, all the babies would have learned to hold the cup or bottle to drink milk and water.

The taste buds for your little one is on the developing phase and the little one will help you learn the favorite flavors and foods. However, just because your 11 month old baby dislikes a healthy food, don’t skip it. Try to add various flavors and variety to the foods.

Don’t force your baby to eat the food. The baby will refuse taking food either the little one doesn’t like the flavor or a particular food or she is full.

Communication and senses:

Communication skills become stronger and the baby will try to communicate longer, have a conversation with moms. Don’t worry if your baby says only a few words. Communication delay is a common aspect and influenced by various factors. If your baby says ‘mama’, and babbles a few words by this stage, there is nothing to worry. If you find something fishy about the communication, talk with your doctor immediately.

To improve communication, talk to your baby. Talk about everything and involve your little one in almost all possible activities.

Guess what, your 11 month old baby would have now developed an understanding that the tiny tot is different from the others in the family.  While they develop a sense of likes and dislikes, it will grow stronger.

Quick Bits:

  • From this phase, the little one will start troubling you with tantrums.
  • Don’t miss out any vaccines as it is essential for healthy growth and development.
  • The desire to become independent increases and even if someone tries to hold or carry your little one, it may resist.
  • He or she may drop or throw objects to catch your attention. The baby demands more care, affection and attraction from the parents.
  • Check out the height and weight of the baby in the 11 month.
  • The stronger bones and muscles will help the baby stand on its own.
  • The little one say no or nod heads to show off opposing something strongly!

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